Lambent provides remote and on-site IS services to many organizations, including installing hardware and software, upgrading existing hardware and software, installing and maintaining networks, virus protection and elimination, data file backup and restore

The following outlines services Lambent Technologies can provide. Please send email or call us at (520) 325-1077 for additional information. 

Network Architecture to assist organizations in implementing and transitioning to appropriate technologies; keep up with advances in throughput and applications architecture; and network management. 

Internet/Intranet Development  

    Web page design 
    Web site authoring, organization, deployment and integration 
    Incorporate ODBC & HTML to create dynamic, database-driven Web pages 
    Internetworking & network security
    Active Server Pages (ASP) for dynamic and interactive HTML pages

Client/Server Development with a clear understanding of object-oriented programming theory/techniques, client/server system design, and relational database theory. 

    Powerbuilder, Sybase, Oracle

Database migration to help achieve an orderly transition between new and old environments (legacy systems). 

Hardware/Software evaluation, selection, sales, installation and maintenance. 

Custom Software Development in a variety of environments. 


    HTML Concepts SQL - The Basics
    Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 ASP (Active Server Pages)
    JAVASCRIPT Programming  Internet - The Basics 


Professionals at Lambent Technologies offer a wide range of skills, including: 


     TCP/IP, UDP, Routing, DNS, SMTP, IMAP4, MAPI 

Network Security 

    Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, Certification  (Trust Model)


     ASP, HTML, Javascript, JAVA, CGI, Perl 


     Sybase SQL Server, Transact-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 
     Relational database design and modeling 
     Oracle 7.X, 8.X

Operating Systems 

     Win NT 4.0, Win 95, Win 98, and Win 3.11 
     Macintosh 7.X and up 


    Active Server Pages, Visual Basic .Net, Java, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, C, C++

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